Does your child need Maths tutoring?

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May 5, 2014
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Does your child need Maths tutoring?

Not every child is good at Maths, which is unfortunate, as it is very important to get National 4/5s qualifications in this subject. Sometimes students despair of ever being able to ‘do’ maths. Teachers are not always helpful, as there was once a prevalent belief that if a student was good at English, History or other art subjects, they are just not good at Maths. While this may be partially true because of the way the brain works, there is no reason why a child should fail Maths if they are given the appropriate training and tutoring.


If you think about how we use maths in our daily lives, its importance is obvious; we have to have a basic knowledge of maths to go shopping, for example. If we want to make a cake that is larger than the one given in the recipe, then we need to know how to multiply the ingredients. and we also need to divide if we need a smaller cake. Bricklayers need to use maths to calculate how many bricks will be needed, and gardeners have to work out and measure, how much space should be given to trees and other plants. There are many other ways in which Maths can be applied in our day-to-day lives.

Problems with Maths

If your child has problems with Maths, you might be tempted to help him or her yourself, but unless you are a qualified Maths teacher, this might not be a good idea. The way Maths is taught now will be very different from the way you were taught Maths at school, and you might confuse your child while attempting to help. Perhaps you have a friend who you know to be good at Maths, but, again, if he or she is not a qualified Maths teacher, then there may be problems for your child.

Maths is Important

It is important for you to arrange Maths tutoring for your child with a qualified Maths teacher. It is also best if that tutor works at a school because he or she will be well-versed in the latest teaching methods. He or she will be able to explain how Maths works to your child. When the tutor understands why your child ‘can’t do Maths’ he or she can work out what the problem is with your child’s perception. A clear explanation regarding how to solve a mathematical problem and giving your child more practice in solving similar problems will give your child more confidence. When your child understands that Maths is logical and not magical, it will all become clear, as long as the tutor can explain the mental steps needed to arrive at a solution to a Maths problem.



Its not embarrassiong to ask for help!

Your child may be embarrassed about his or her inability to do Maths, in which case, you need to think about one-to-one Maths tutoring. Alternatively, some children feel more confident when they are taught in groups. If you approach our tutoring company to help your child, you can be assured that our tutors at Glasgow Scholar Tutoring will do their best to find out how best to assist your child and develop his or her Maths skills. They are all practising Maths teachers and understand what the requirements of the curricula are for all National exams.

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